Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mommy Tip: storing wrapping paper

This is a really handy, easy, space-saving tip for storing wrapping paper. All you do is put as many nails into the wall as you have rolls of wrapping paper, just space them apart depending on the size of the roll. Then get some binder clips in the office supply section of your local store (they come in fun colors, not just black). Clip the clip to one side of the roll of paper, and hang the loop over the nail. The wrapping looks very organized, you can find it when you want it, it says rolled (finally!) and it takes up no floor space. This way you can take advantage of unused closet wall space. I have mine in the hall junk closet, four on each side. Keep in mind for really big rolls you may need bigger clips. 

(This was not a sponsored post. Photos were taken by me and are copyright by me, not that they are that great.)

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