Friday, November 5, 2010

Web comic: Too much of a good thing

If you are like me you keep the old markers for way too long and the new ones just keep adding to the pile. When they get all dried out, like they very quickly do since the lids are always the first thing thrown on the floor from a new package, we just get a cup with a wet paper towel for our son to dip the markers in. It gets the ink working again and kind of looks like watercolors. He calls it a "wee cup" because he still calls water wee. He has even taken the concept to chalk art and always insists in having water to dip his sidewalk chalk in outside so it is more like paint. So getting back to the comic, whenever we are getting ready to visit my Mom she asks if our son needs new markers. As I look at the huge pile of them all over our house the question just makes me laugh.

(This comic is our copyright. Please let us know if you are interested in using it. This was not a sponsored post, although I am sure the marker people have made hundreds off of us already.)