Sunday, September 11, 2011

Picture on Canvas from Easy Canvas Prints

We were given the opportunity to try out Easy Canvas Prints pictures on canvas with a free 8 x 10" of one of our own photos printed on canvas. The finished product is below and it turned out great. I'm am sure my photos do not do it justice. Also, I have to say how glad I was that Easy Canvas Prints did a wonderful and thoughtful job packing the canvas for shipping. When I got home from work on Friday it started to pour rain and I saw a package at the door. We brought it in and then I realized it was the canvas, ahhhhh, oh no!!! I quickly tore open the box hoping to get to the canvas before the water did. There was a good amount of brown packing paper around the canvas which was blocking the water but even better, under the paper, the canvas was in a closed plastic packing bag, phew! I was so relieved and then excited to see our print!

So this is the original photo that I chose, quite a feat to get these two guys to sit still and smile (well, our older son at least):
And below is the final 8 x 10" picture on canvas. The colors are as vibrant as the original, it was just hard for me to capture that on our camera but you can see it in the next photo. The canvas has true canvas texture so it looks different at different lighting angles so that is something to keep in mind when choosing your photo and location of your print. An 8 x 10" sounds big, compared to a regular photo, but once we put it up in the wall in our house we realized how big our living room walls are! If we order another one we would get an even bigger one so a good word of advice, measure the area you are planning to hang the canvas before you order it. Their website has a preview of the size next to an average couch, I just didn't pay enough attention to it during the process. During the ordering process their website analyzes your photo and tells you on a scale of poor, fair and good how appropriate your image is so that was very helpful.

The photo below shows the border color choice, we picked black but you have multiple border options including a mirror image of the main photo or other colors. The black really turned out well, nice and bold and solid all the way around, no gap. You can also change the depth of the border. We chose the smaller one but there is a larger choice called Gallery Wrap. The standard border thickness was wide enough to give the canvas a good weight and make it feel substantial but the Gallery Wrap could add some body to the print for a larger room. You can see in this photo how the red is very nice and red on the print, in both our sons' hair and shirts, good green on the grass too. It was true color to the photo we chose:

Below is  a photo of how they mounted the canvas, it is on solid wood and comes with the hanging hardware attached already so you can just put it right up on the wall. The final piece is lightweight so it is easy to move around the house. The wood goes all the way to where they cut the canvas opening on the back so you can see it is a solid mounting. The canvas was nice and tight on the wood, no bubbles, not loose at all.

I also thought the website ordering was very easy and straightforward with good directions. I had no problems with it and it moved along quickly. They sent a confirmation email and shipping email and before I knew it the print had arrived (I ordered it on Sunday September 4th and it was at our door Friday September 9th). There is a complete FAQ page on the Easy Canvas Prints website with lots of great tips about how to select your image and care for the print. I am such a point and click person I didn't look at that ahead of time but I would recommend it, especially if you are choosing a larger canvas, just to make sure you make a wise choice about your image.

We were very happy with the whole process and love our final print of the photo of our sons. It is something that we plan to have up in our house always and is a special way to display their picture.

(Note: This was a sponsored post, I received the free 8 x 10 with free shipping.)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Web Comic: Smart potty words

Well, yes, toddlers love talking about poop, and shapes, and this is what you get. Yes, he really said this. No, I did not pick this one for a comic but guess who did ... Ah well, life with kids, and men. Lots of poop talk.

(This comic is our copyright. Please contact us if you are interested in using our comics. This was not a sponsored post.)