Saturday, September 11, 2010

Web Comic: Accidental Exposure

I love that he drew the coffee cup balancing on her boob. Well, this never actually happened, at least not in public. I was pretty shy about nursing in public and always had a cover but was a little more open in the backyard. There was a bee incident once, I have to say, and I was a little worried about the neighbors but really, it was not quite as exciting as this strip. It must have made more of an impression on Ken than on me.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Web Comic: Cell phones and Men

Hey all you men, this isn't a joke. Well, it is but, it is sort of true too. I read somewhere that men should not keep their cell phones in their pants because some scientists somewhere  found that it could have an effect on sperm ( You know, men really pay attention when you mention a product having a potential effect on maleness. He wouldn't eat flax seed for a while when I told him what can happen when men eat too much, since it acts a bit like an estrogen. And then there's the soy conversation ...

(This comic is our copyright, no use without our permission. This was not a sponsored post.)