Thursday, August 26, 2010

Web Comic: Flexible Mama

Really I have only gotten to go through my favorite yoga video twice or so since our Son was born. He would always seem to wake up after the first section. The other day I was doing yoga and realized how different my state of Zen is as a Mom than it used to be. I used to have to make sure the living room was all nice and clean and I had my yoga blanket perfectly folded. Now, I just try not to step on any of his toys as I move into positions and usually end up using one of his bigger blankies from the couch for the yoga mat. I also end up contorting over the cats since they think our Son's naptime is their attention time so they come right over and try to help out and get some pets along the way. Even with all this chaos it feels so good to get through the whole video and get my muscles stretched out after being sore and tight from carrying and lifting my Son every day. I have to admit though, I usually leave the sound off just to make sure it doesn't wake him up.

(The video I like the most these days is Shiva Rea's Gaiam Postnatal yoga video. It even has a section for baby massage.)

(This comic is our copyright. It was illustrated by my Husband and we co-wrote it. No use without expressed written permission. This was not a sponsored post.)