Saturday, January 9, 2010

Web Comic

This comic really is true in our house. We finally got a web cam last year and used Skype to connect with my husband's parents, once. We planned this for a long time because we live 4 hours away from them but never get around to using it. The thing with the webcam is you have to be semi-presentable, in clothes (as opposed to PJs depending on who you are visiting with) and it is harder to multi-task during the conversation. Plus, all of us have to be there for the call instead of just my husband while I hang out with our son or we move around the house, etc. Not to mention you have to be home. I have a lot of guilt about this because I do want my husband's parents to get to see our son more, even if it is only by webcam when we can't get together for an in-person visit. The other issue now that our son is walking is keeping him in one room long enough to stay on camera. At least the camera we have is separate from the computer so we can just pick it up and aim it at the Little Man when he is on the move.

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