Sunday, March 18, 2012

Web Comic: Always a Mom!

This is something I find myself doing (or noticing needs to be done) a lot. I think there are certain instincts, maybe we could even call them skills, that we acquire during our job as a Mom that overflow into areas of our lives that don't involve our kids. I do have to say the books on how to talk to your kids especially during a tantrum have taught me some valuable tips on how to talk to adults in all areas of my life ;) I find myself using the phrases I say to keep my 3 year old from freaking out about things with lots of grown ups and they are usually even more effective. Of course the effects of Mom training extends to all manner of things like making sure people's cups don't get too near the edge of the table and that no one eats things off the floor. Plus we are usually awesome at cleaning up spills and getting out stains. Once a Mom always a Mom!

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