Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mommy Munchies: Quick Cake Topping Instead of Frosting

This is a very quick and easy tip for topping a cake with something sweet and pretty other than frosting. Have you guessed it yet? Probably so from the photo but remember, you must let the cake cool ALL THE WAY before you put the powdered sugar on top or it will melt or soak into the cake. It will still be yummy so if you just can't wait, go for it. But, don't say I didn't warn you. I used a flour sifter to evenly dust the powdered sugar over the cake but a steady hand is fine too. Another variation is to block out designs by cutting out hearts or stars or a name in paper, laying it across the cake or cupcakes and then applying the powdered sugar. Remove the paper carefully, keeping it level so as not to spill the sugar back onto the design. You will be left with a pretty design or name on the cake in the "negative space" (aka "plain cake" for any non-Artsy folks, my husband is an artist so I accidentally pick up these terms and try to sound cool using them once in awhile). 

(This was not a sponsored post. The picture was taken by me and is copyright by me. Pay no attention to the crumbs on the counter.)

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