Friday, February 11, 2011

Web Comic: Pregnant lady in her underwear?

And yes, this is a comic of a pregnant lady in her underwear. I am not going to admit to it being me, I didn't even know Ken was going to draw this one. I guess this is his perspective on seeing me, I mean ladies, dealing with the changes their bodies undergo during pregnancy. Although, I will admit I can only fit into one of my pairs of jeans with the zipper even halfway up and the button held together with a pony-tail holder. It really is that point when you have to admit that you have to consider other clothing options, although I still haven't bought any official "maternity clothes." I did buy a couple of pairs of cargo pants with a stretchy waist. I plan to spend the spring in skirts, that seems to work best and I won't mourn the money spent on clothes that I can only wear for a short while. Or maybe I am just a stubborn red head. That is probably it.

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