Friday, July 9, 2010

Web comic: Boob in a bottle

Yeah, this one pretty much speaks for itself. Thank God for breast pumps. Seriously, all nutritional benefits aside, having a stash of Mommy Milk in the freezer is like magic juice for boo boo's, help sleeping and just plain comfort. The only thing is it's a little harder to make a Mommy latte than a Starbucks one you know?

Our Son still gets one 4 oz bottle when I am at work and it is just enough to take the edge off a rough day for him and my husband. Now that our Son is older, when he wants to nurse he knocks on my shirt and says "Apen" (open) and "Glug" (the sound my husband would make when he shows our son a bottle, like Glug, glug, glug.) Way better than him saying Boobie in public ...

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  1. I always enjoy your comics, and can relate to that one especially! We have a blogging award for you over at our site, come pick it up!

  2. Thank you so much! It means a lot that you are checking out the blog :)